12 October 2010 *w00t*

FUCK NOO! My mom is killing meeeee..! SHIT! she forced me and my bro to go to this science camp she's attending as a teacher, and the shit is there are going to be her high school students. and i'm gonna be so ffffing lonely! 

I know all of you have been so humiliated by your mother, or not and this is exactly what i think i'm going to feel at the science camp, of course i do like science but pleeaseee,  not thiis! Sheesh, i'm going to cryy T.T I already told her i don't want to come, like really begging. But she's not listening to me! Even tho i'm going to be really suffering in that rotten hell hole!

Anyways, have you ever feel like someone's slipping away from your life? And that someone is someone you care about very dearly. Well that's what i'm feeling. A friend of mine seems to be slipping away from our life. She used to be with us all the time, being silly and just have fun, but now? She's too busy looking for cooler friends she'd rather hang out with. Plus, she's being such a bitch since..idk forever??? Even tho she's acting like a bitch, she's really no bitch at all, i really truly care about her and she's just seems to run away from it. She's not sharing anything with us even tho we're her friends. Friends share, right?? Well, apparently we're not her friends.


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