New Semester Has Just Begun!

Hey guys, how ya'll doing? Me? Just fine, thank you :D New semester has just begun and i'm officially a high school student (HAAA EXCITED!). Everything are going well after the semester began , or i guess i like to believe that they are. New students from outside Al-Izhar isn't fitting in well, probably only the girls. But i guess it's just a matter of time, everyone will blend in sooner or later. Some things have been bothering me, someone is getting further away or maybe it's just a feeling.

I can't have these things bother me because i have to earn great grades (not good...but great) this year. I really really have to get a scholarship. And i'm trying to participate in some school activities so i can have at least a chance to be a student council. Wish me luck guys!

Anyway, my class is pretty fun, we laugh a lot. But still, some people just HAVE to get the attention all the effin time. There are a couple of hot guys in my class ;) but as always, they're out of my league. Girls like me just don't get boys like that :( Nvm that, i go to school each day to learn, not to get a boyfriend. And i'm pretty sure a couple of girls in my class are doing just that- trying so desperately to get the hot guys.


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