Be Productive!

I have the semesters's tests in less than two weeks. Homeworks and assignments are given more than ever before. Other than these two, my life seems happy. 

Yesterday, me, syifa, and fira went and ate lunches in three different places. That's what we planned originally, going on some kind of a culinary adventure. First place, Moen-Moen Steak, where you could get a cheap flour fried steak. Second place, All-You-Can-Eat Dim Sum, we ate a lot in here. Last but not least, Sushi Rock and Roll, which ended the whole trip. It was a really time and money consuming thing to do, and we agreed to not do this frequently. I'd rather be home, rest and working on the rest of my homeworks. Like my mother always says, "Do something productive everyday, " and she's right. Indonesians are really consumptive, when they have money, they spend it on things like a swimming trip, ipad (which some of them probably use it as an entertainment not for work), that includes other gadgets, going to the mall, clothes, etc. We produce less than what we consume. If you like to spend your money and gadgets, than why not try to produce a gadget? Be someone who starts a change, not change into what everyone is doing. What i'm trying to say is be an agent of changes, agree? Agreed. 

Today, we had another trip which is really time and money consuming too, but it was a family trip so i couldn't say no. Plus, the one who paid everything was my aunt and uncle, so at least we got free food. Thanks a lot for them anyway, prayers and gratitude from me. Anyway, my little cousin stepped on my sunglasses which i remembered were really expensive. So the parents (my other aunt and uncle) gave me money in return which didn't actually covered half of the price of the sunglasses (but psst they didn't know because i pretended i forgot the price, i didn't want to take any profit from them anyway, so the money's enough). I hope i can save the money to watch Jayesslee on June (amen!). Umm, what else? I was called a cat by my little cousin (other cousin, my family's big, just so you know), well not literally. She said i behave like a cat, fyi, i took it as a compliment because cats are cute (y). The place is called Rumah Air by the way, it's beautiful, but the food's just about okay. 

Oh and, did i ever get the chance to tell you? I participated in another Spelling Bee Competition held in FHUI by ALSA E-Comp. I didn't get to the finals but i was a semi-finalist. It's a progress because it was only my second spelling bee, and i'm planning to participate in another spelling bee if there were any in the future. My MUN coach also suggested i try MUN next time, but i wasn't sure i was ready. I said yes nevertheless because i have to be up for challenges if i want to ever expand my english skill. No matter how good my grammar is, if i don't know that much of vocabularies and not be able to use them for everyday use, my english skill will be only average, and i want to be more than average. 

Oh another thing, this is my 100th post! Yeaayy, i'll remind myself from now on to post more, even if no one reads this godforsaken blog, but i will.

Farewell Readers!
Athena Syarifa (Rifa)


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