I feel like i'm screwing everything up. Mom went back to the hospital and i don't know for how long she'll stay there. I just know that it's probably not a good news. School doesn't make it any better. My grades are a mess. I don't know why I'M such a mess.

Honestly, i'm having a hard time managing myself. Probably because my emotions are all stirred up. I'm tired for no reason, it's like my emotions are draining my energy. It's really tiring when you have to control your emotions all the time. Sometimes, i feel like i'm losing my patience.

Usually, i'm really focused in class. The old me would have no trouble following the subject, but now i'm not really focused. What am i supposed to do?

Especially that i really never talked to anyone about these troubles i'm in. I don't know who to talk to.

Lonely. Tired. Worried. Fearful.
Night, Rifa.


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