It's official. It's been said yet again. People have warned me, i just didn't care because i thought no one reads my stuff anyway. But it's been said by someone wiser than me.

Many people have said that i pour to much of my heart into my blog. I write what i feel in here. But it's never my intention to make people feel pity for me. I just thought no one reads my stuff, but they do. Some people. 

I know that it's the story of my life and i can do anything i want with it, but someone important said that it's much too precious to be public. I was told to look around me and pick someone i trust to tell all my feelings. 

I'm not the kind of person who can speak easily, i even have a problem with public speaking. I don't like to be the center of attention. That's why until this point i can never easily tell someone anything, something that burdens me.

I have this mindset that people change. I can talk, but that someone i trust probably doesn't want to hear me whining about my life. Or probably she really doesn't want to listen, or what if i think that she already have too much burden to listen to me. Even if i chose someone and told her my feelings, my stories, she can one day be my enemy or she's probably judging me. Because i know everybody judge everybody, everyone has opinions. 

That's why i think, if i write what i feel, no one can judge me. It's just the computer screen and me, and sometimes only the paper and me. I can freely write and not having someone thinking about herself when i tell my stories. Paper is the most unselfish thing in the world. And with it i tell my stories. 

But i'm truly sorry if i tell too much of myself in here, for anyone to read. From now on, i'll try to talk. If anyone ever want to find out how i'm doing, they can ask me and not check on my blog. 

Until next post, Bye.


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