Little Sacrifices

Feeling horrible because i just realized this, although my mother didn’t let me have a macbook, an ipad, or my own camera, she have always gotten my favorite food, let me hear my favorite songs in the car, and practically gave me the power of the tv remote.

Our generation should really start to realize those little sacrifices they made to appreciate their existence.

As time goes by, i'm starting to remember all the little things she used to say, or do, things that don't matter much, that i thought i would never remember. All the things that are happening around me, makes me remember those little memories. It keeps me sad, but it also keeps me spirited. I'm glad that i still remember, because i never want them to really go.

It's also really hard to keep the tears from falling when someone talks about their own memories with both my parents. Makes me think that i'm not the only one that misses them. There's something really sad when you hear someone talking and saying the memories they had with your loved ones that left you. I would know, i've been there twice, or maybe more , i forgot.


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