Malang - Jogja Trip

I've been thinking about how to start this post. This one should be really special because what I'm about to write has been one of the many things that should be kept and remembered forever.

This week has been really great for me, I've seen so many beautiful things within the range of only a week, and as an amateur holder of a one particular hobby which is photography, I am beyond content with this trip. Get ready folks, this post will be long.

4th May, Afternoon.
I was picked up at my house and the next thing I know we were on our way to Gambir Central Station. We met our friends there and then we were already on the train before we knew it. It all happened so fast and we were all so excited for the trip. In the beginning of this trip there were only 7 of us, all girls. We were set for a 15 hours long train ride.

We spent the night on the train, and I was conscious and then I was not, I was awake and then I was asleep, that was how long the train ride is.

Malang, 5th May
We arrived at about 8 o'clock in the morning, Malang train station was beautiful and looked elegantly old and antique. It was a nice morning and we were picked up by Dathu's car and driver at the train station and we went straight to her house.

My first impression of Malang was how tidy of a town it was. Very neatly mapped out and it took about 30 minutes anywhere. Also it was an old town, everything looked like it came from the 20th Century, well maybe I'm exaggerating but that's how I see it.

In the afternoon, we had lunch in a mini noodles shack next to this Catholic school. It was the most delicious noodles I've ever tasted, it's called Mie Dempo (which is a must try if you're ever in Malang). They also sell many varieties of icy desserts like Es Teler, Es Durian, etc. It all costs under 20 thousand rupiahs when the taste actually worth more than that. After that, we took a few photos at Tugu Malang and then we headed to Malang Town Square where we did some nail art and we got a few henna tattoos here and there.

We visited Pasar Burung and Pasar Bunga for a while. Just for the fun of sight seeing and the walking.

Next place is Toko OEN, which is a little old vintage restaurant in the corner of a street, with soft green and white vintage setting and decoration. The food is good, but the ice cream is GREAT. It's a place that you must try when you're in Malang.

For dinner, we tried a famous and crowded traditional restaurant, well it's more like a shack or 'warung' as we say it. It's called Warung Rawon Pak Jenggot, it's crowded even at 10 pm. It's a little hidden but if you ask someone they will probably know where it is.

Malang, 6th May

We planned out the whole day. The first place we went was Museum Angkut, it's new but trust me even if it sounds boring, it's a great museum, accurate and beautifully built. It will not be boring even for teenagers, you can get amazing selfies there. There's also Pasar Apung or the Floating Market right next to the museum where you can get some food and refreshments. 

Next destination was Batu Zoo, Jatim Park, and Museum Satwa. The zoo was amazing and beautiful, it was not too big and not too small, you can easily enjoy yourself when you're walking down the path with the animals right next to you. After the zoo we played around for a while in Jatim Park, mostly the rides were for children, but there are 2 or 3 rides that are meant for teens and adults, quite fun but not so much as Dufan or Jungleland. We were already bored and hot and sweaty, so we ate in the hotel's restaurant in front of the Batu Zoo. After that we stroll inside the Animals Museum/Museum Satwa where we can get AC and informative education on animals. 

Before we head back to Malang from Batu, we bought some milk and ketan at this famous milk place near Alun-alun Batu. The place is always crowded and it was already night. Later that night we also went to eat at Inggil Restaurant which is also an old place, it was originally a Dutch's house which was turned into something like a mix between a museum and restaurant, there's also a gift shop upfront, don't mention the free hotspot. There's also a stage for a gamelan show inside the house, but unfortunately the show wasn't on when we were there but at least there's live music inside.

Malang, 7th May
Three of our friends flew to Malang to catch up with us in the morning. We were set for the beach at 11 and it took over an hour to go to Balekambang Beach. The Beach was quite crowded but we still could enjoy ourselves playing in the sand and took some decent pictures. For lunch, we ate at Toko OEN again because a place that good deserves a second visit. 

After that we head back to the house to wait and get ready for the Bromo trip which starts at midnight, so we can watch the sunrise when we arrived. We played some cards, watched some TV, laughed a lot to kill time, and had a few minutes to sleep. We were up and going by midnight. 

Malang, 8th May
I practically passed out on the road. It was not comfortable in the Innova but I couldn't do anything. Someone has to take the spot. So we arrived at 3 in the morning. The moment we arrive there were many sellers who stuck around our car to sell some gloves or jackets or anything. They couldn't take no for an answer and had the nerves of steel. It was kind of annoying but I could at least understand their motive. We waited for about an hour for the jeep to come and we took off at 4. 

The road up the mountain took about 15-20 minutes and we had to walk a little to the place where we can see the sunrise. There were many foreign tourists since it was workday. The stars were amazing, there were many many millions and billions of stars in the sky, I was beyond awe. I didn't care how cold it was, the stars were beautiful, unfortunately I couldn't take any picture of them because I don't know how. 

I wanted to stick together with everybody, but my photographer instinct took me to the very fence of that place so that I could take the pictures of the sunrise from the very front. It was REALLY cold, I was shivering since I didn't have any gloves on, but fortunately a very friendly guy next to me offered his gloves. Without him I think I couldn't take those pictures of that beautiful sunrise. 

The sun was there, and I knew at that moment, I will never be able to forget about that place. It was beyond beautiful, it was a moment of silent admiration where you witness the start of another day. It's like you're right there seeing the sun rising and you're thinking about other people down there in the city, where they're taking a bath or eating their breakfast or were already on their way to work, and then experience became whole when the sun was fully risen. 

We finished taking photos and sightseeing in the mountains at about 12 o'clock. We headed down to Malang, but before that we ate lunch at a restaurant called Warung Mbak Sri. It's a simple and casual restaurant, it doesn't look anything special, but trust me the food is amazing. For a low price, you can get food that will fill up your hunger perfectly. After that we went home to rest. 

That night we went to BNS (Batu Night Spectacular) which is like a night fair and festival at Batu. There were many rides to play, a haunted house, a lantern show, a laser tag playground, etc. We played a while but we were already tired from Bromo so we spent like about only 2 hours to play and then we headed out.We bought some milk first and then we went home.

Malang, 9th May
In the morning, we head out to take Midung and Dinda to Malang Airport because they have to go to Jakarta earlier than us. But before that we took a short visit to buy some souvenirs. A lot of them actually. And then we head to the airport to say our goodbyes.

After that we ate lunch in Bakso Bakar Trowulan which is pretty famous for its Bakso Bakar, obviously. And then we headed to Mie Dempo again because Adit, Maulana, and Diesty didn't get to try them. After we ate until we're full we head back home to rest. Dathu had something to do at her aunt's house so we went out to get dinner ourselves in Kedai Kopi, a little coffee shop in the corner of a street. The food's great and we had so much fun playing cards. We were tired so we head back early that night, because tomorrow we will go on a train to Jogja.

Jogja, 10th May
We hop on the train at about 10 in the morning. We had to spend about 8 hours on the train and I was bored, sleepy, and then bored again on the whole train ride to Jogja. When we arrived, we took becak motor to our hotel on Malioboro street. We decided to settle in until 6.30, but then an alumni of Al-Izhar also a friend of mine that were currently studying in UGM urged to meet on a coffee shop near tugu. So, me, Adit, Maulana, and Fira took a long walk to that coffee shop and talked a bit with him.

That night we took a walk to Alun-alun Utara Jogja (Jogja's North Town Square) and had something to eat on a famous Jogja noodles shack with two additional company, Diesty's cousin and his friend. After we spending some time at the square, later that night we walked to that coffee shop again. My friend was still there and we spent quite some time playing cards in that little cozy coffee shop called The Bean's Lab. Midnight or so, we head back to the hotel.

Jogja, 11th May
In the morning, we spent some time shopping for souvenirs and clothes in Pasar Beringharjo (Beringharjo Market). I had so much fun shopping, the variety of Batik was amazing and they were all so cheap. We finished at about noon and we had gelato or Italian ice cream in a gelato shop called Artemy. It's an old ice cream shop that was very attractive and unique. It was a little pretty place with shades and a perfect place to cool off on a hot sunny day.

After we cooled off, we bought some lunch and head back to the hotel to play some more cards. In the afternoon, we head out again to buy bakpia and then go to Alun-alun Selatan Jogja (Jogja's South Town Square). We tried challenging that legend about the twin Beringin trees. I didn't succeed, but I wasn't serious either so no surprise there. We took a ride on the cars with light decorations and loud speakers. Then we ate dinner like a picnic with live music that was provided by the street singers who were mostly college guys trying to make side money. We sang along to the music we know and we were having a great time. It's sad to know that tomorrow we were going back to the busy Jakarta.

That late night we played some cards to cheer ourselves up and then we had some rest we didn't actually need after we packed our things that night.

Jogja, 12th May
We were already at the train station at 9 in the morning. We spent the whole train ride doing nothing and then sleeping and then eating again. We arrived at about 6 pm, and then that's it, we said goodbyes and then we were off to our own home. We did promise to have this kind of trip again somewhere in the future. These people have been so much fun during the trip. We were tired, yes, but we spent our days doing fun things to make us forget about college applications for a while. We got a whole lot closer than we were before, and that's something precious that you can get from trips like this.

I'm already looking forward to the future, but we have to do this step by step. And now, the next step is to get to a good university, with that I have to get back to my studying.

Until next time,


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