I can't help the loneliness sometimes. I'm satisfied with all my friends but somehow I still want to search for someone who likes the same bands as I do, have blog-writing as a hobby too, loves landscape photography as much as I do, and want to travel with trains as much as I do. 

I would be completely clueless on who to ask if I want to see a gig of a band that I like. Or if one day I decide to take a train trip to nowhere to go photo-hunting. Especially if I want to go hiking on a mountain or take a backpacking trip to anywhere. If I think real hard, there could only be one or two of my friends who would be interested in doing all these things with me. And if now they're busy, I would end up with too much time to spend, and too many things I want to do, with too little people who I can call to spend the much excessive time. 

Sometimes I wish I can divide myself into two persons and have the other me to accompany me to do all these things I want to do. Probably the most realistic thing to do is to pray for a soul-mate. Maybe this is why I can't wait for university, because there will be a much bigger chance in finding someone who would like to do the same things that I want to do. A friend who will be as enthusiastic as me to watch SORE or L'Alphalpha with me. Well, there's my  brother, but I try my best for him to be my last resort. (I'm trying to push him to spend more time with his friends).


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