Help women win this war

While I'm waiting to get just a bit sleepy and end the night, I'm going to make a short post about a little something that maybe not as important as curing cancer but still a significant issue in the community. Feminism. 

Discrimination doesn't always come up whenever there's a serious issue regarding the matter but it's constantly there, lurking with maybe a different name. Discrimination is there when you guys think that you should take on big jobs in a group work and free us girls from doing the bigger portion of work. Respect is when you give the freedom for females to choose what they want to do, or how big they want to contribute, and to just let them speak and be heard. Discrimination is not what we want, but we want your respect. 

Above it all, it's important to respect women not by appearance. Beauty is a sensitive subject for us girls. Why? Well maybe the simplification of the definition of the word. Beauty is not ONLY being slender, small-faced, long-haired, and tall. Beauty is not ONLY in the physical appearance, but the attitude as well. 

I'm going to have to ask you guys to make it into a habit to make women all around you feel pretty just the way they are. Please. If you're a brother, make sure that your sister feel beautiful every day not by trying but just simply being herself. If you're a Dad, make sure to drop off your daughters at school without forgetting to make themselves feel beautiful. There are women out there who never feel like they deserve love, affection. and even the time of day just because they are fat or not as pretty as their friend. 

This insecurity we have as women sometimes makes an invisible boundary for us to be brave enough to speak up our ideas. But boy, when we talk, we have ideas and solution that may worth much more of your time. Self-confidence cannot come easily on its own, and when we're the victim of the simplification of the word BEAUTIFUL, it makes us harder to believe in the power of our gender. These victims may have believed that their words and ideas won't make a difference.

So, guys, I'm here asking you, on the behalf of my gender, to please help women around you feel like they mean the whole world to you, even if it's your friends, your girlfriend, or mother, or sister. Make them feel the beauty they truly have inside and help them grow their self-confidence. Encourage them to give their opinions and praise them. Advice them when they are wrong and acknowledge them when they are right and you're wrong. I believe, inside every woman, there's a war between putting on a mask of "beauty" with hidden insecurities and actually getting rid of their insecurities and just be themselves. 

And girls, please don't let yourself be the victim of the simplification of the word BEAUTIFUL. Don't spend too much time shopping for make up, clothes, etc and spend more of it doing something that really matters. Write your opinions, read books that matter, speak your ideas, state your stances, defend your pride, enhance your skills, and expand your network. Believe that your words matter and don't let any man makes you believe that you won't survive without them. Don't depend too much on men and be more independent. It's okay to do things on your own. 

I am still, to this day, an insecure woman. I never feel that I am beautiful enough to matter. I admit that I still have ideas that no one will ever hear if I still continue to be this way. I expect someone to start something first and I still tend to be just a follower. This is unhealthy and false. And just maybe, my pessimistic nature comes from thinking that I'm not beautiful enough for anyone or to even do anything that matters. I give up first before thinking that I could be as smart as he is or anyone is. 

I am going to change. And so are you. Whoever's reading this post, please relay this message. Help women to win the war with themselves and solve this gender issues. 

Sorry, this post turned out to be longer than I thought. 


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