A nice piece to say that I'm bored

How should I explain this?

Now that the exams are over, despite thinking that I gave my best effort for it, I still think that all of it was for nothing. Have you ever felt that the effort for gaining the best score in exams was really all for nothing? That is exactly what I'm feeling right now. All I wanted was a good score, and I'm pretty sure that too was the goal for all my classmates. But if that's all you wanted out of learning, you will lose all purpose when the exams are over.

I'm still trying hard to think about what I want to do now that I'm in vacation. What are the goals I have outside campus? What do I want to do besides studying? I'm trying to exclude reading and watching movies from the list, mainly because that's what everyone's probably doing on vacation. What I'm thinking is an off-campus community, an activity which has nothing to do with campus. Not a hobby, but communal activities?

The main issue here is that no matter how much I write or read, I still feel that I don't expand my wings enough. Yes, I have friends and families that I want to spend my time with during vacation, but I still need something to occupy my thoughts. Something to be responsible for, no, not a pet, but a project, perhaps?  


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