Me and Earl and The Dying Girl

Okay, having been able to watch it for the second time in this long-awaited holiday, makes the story pretty well embed into my brain and it's helpless to stop me from writing my next post about what I really love about this movie. 

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. Pretty obvious title, as you can see. But with this movie, it's more than meets the eye. What you might want to know is if this was another cliche movie about a cancer girl and a boy, having the romance of their life before one of them dies, from which the answer to that question is a big 'No'. What makes this movie unique is that you won't find any heart-thumping, sweet talking with a cheese on top romance that will serve your inner romantic teenage self hunger for the many false ideas of love and hope within a tragic storyline. Mostly, it's a story about friendship, which I find more heart-touching than any good romance movies could, and not just any friendship, it's not one that have been cultivated for a very long time, which would have signified any meaning of friendship in any kind of movie, but one that is short and special, that you will definitely remember sweetly as you grow up, one that you will never forget. That, with funny phrases, humble and meaningful scenes (but not cheesy), unique characters, will give you enough reason to watch this movie. On top of that, the cinematography is beautiful, really.

For those of you who have watched the movie, let's talk favorite parts. I love, I mean, LOVE, the scene in the end after Rachel died (OOPS, spoiler), where Greg came up to her room and starts noticing what he hasn't noticed before when she was alive. Despite the countless times he has been up there in her room when she was alive, this scene creates and emphasis on his rediscovering who Rachel really was for him. It's almost like the reintroduction of Rachel's character to Greg, but also to the viewers. He started noticing the tiniest, little doodles of squirrels she made on her bedroom wall, on her books, and her works of paper(or rather book)-cutting art. What's more, with Rachel's voice, it's almost like she was there with him, revealing who she was even after she dies. That's what makes death sweet but painful at the same time for the people who have been left behind. It's not just about the past memories that you will rekindle time and time again in the future, it's also about the tiny new things about him/her that you will discover, the things that you never noticed before. Those moments, I assure you, will make you smile time and time again as you talk to other people about him/her, or simply go through their things, just like me when I talk to my grandma about my Dad, she would tell me things about his teenage life that I have never knew before, and that my friend, is precious, one thing that you would look forward to after their gone (after all the tears, of course). 

So sorry though for the long absence. Cheers!


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