Checking in..

Dear readers, 

Let me start with an apology. I have not been updating much about my life as I would like. Don't expect any excuses from me, because I honestly don't know why. Perhaps it's adulthood or reality. You see, writing was an escape for me. But I found that life is finally worthwhile. I think it's just that I don't have much time to make sense of my thoughts anymore. My partner also helps me a lot in sorting out my thoughts and troubles, and I just didn't find it in me to explain myself again in writing, like a shout into the void. 

Now that I've resigned from my job, I had much time for self-reflection. Enough to make me think of writing again. 

I've been reading my notes on this blog from my high school days, and relearning how I handle grief and loss back then. 

My only wish is now, to write again from my own perspective as an adult. I don't care even if no one will ever read it. This is purely a selfish endeavor. 

See you soon. 



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