Sickly week

Now that I have been down with the flu for more than a week, keeping to myself in my modest room in Munich, I couldn't escape from a rush of thoughts that were probably suppressed back when things were a lot more hectic this past month. I found that I have been missing a lot of people that I love in my life. People who have shown me love that I want to repay. But sometimes, picking up your phone to call someone can be a scary thing to do. Partly because you are so scared that the moment you hear their voice, you'll break down and cry wanting to go back home. And mostly because you don't want to show them that you're not okay most of the time here. A little part of you also feels that you've missed a lot of what's going on back home, and that just a simple phone call wouldn't be able to replace that. 

After these thoughts, you were left with the simple reluctance of picking up that darn phone. I just hope that in the end, they know how much I love and care for them. Every day I try to wake up, be okay, and get through the day, I do it for them. Even through the distance and time, they will always find a friend, a daughter, and a sister in me. 


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