Challenge Accepted!

There are certain things, that before it happened, you never though you'd get through it. But time doesn't stop for anyone, so we had no choice but to face them. Those things i got through this year, should've given me confidence to face next year. However, that little voice right inside of my mind, just kept telling me you can't face next year. Because with my place in the student board, my place in my school's science organization, and my place as a student or daughter come great responsibilities.

I certainly have to keep my grades up because it already went down in the second semester. I have to be active in my science activities because me and my few friends in this science community will have to arrange some programs by ourselves. I'm scared because in the previous year, we didn't have to do anything because we're still a junior but now those science programs are in our hands. And by God, i have no clue on how to do it. While i have to do all of that, i still have my responsibilities with the school programs. Let's just hope we won't disappoint everyone next year.

And with this i declare my 10th grade year is over and my 11th grade year will come with many challenges. Wish me luck!


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