I was kind of wondering about something. It's a question i've been asking to myself too. Does speaking your judgement of another people to another people count as backstabbing? I've been bluntly projecting my opinion of a friend to my mom. She has some issues regarding her personality and i've spoken to my mom about it, about how i think she got the personality. Have i done something bad?

It's only an opinion and she is one of my closest friend, it's not like were not speaking to each other now. Sometimes i wonder if i'm a judgmental person. It's one of those things you hate about yourself, you know? I silently dictate how people say, act, work, or study in my mind. Point after points on what could she or he had done even better. This habit has a connection to what i hate about myself too which is not fulfilling promises, mainly to myself. I kept promising and pushing myself to be better in my mind. I can list out the things i can do better. But i'm having a hard time motivating myself to do so, to be better.


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