I now i haven't post anything in a while. But there's something i'd like to share. 

Looking back, i had things, many things that i wanted and asked from Allah. And i know a lot of bad things happened to me but i realize now that Allah has given me everything that i wanted. 

I have some news. You remembered mom's student from Batch number 1? She's really successful now and she visited once in a while. Just a few days ago she has given mom a flat screen TV, a dvd player, and a blackberry. After she visited until 2 in the morning, i decided that she's really an extraordinary person. An extraordinary person by my definition is a person who doesn't simply forget the people in her life when she's not yet successful. After all these years, she still remembers my mom and has given a lot to her and me. 

Now, out of nowhere she offered me an education. I'm not a sure if it's real or not, i still can't believe it but she has offered to take me to college with her money. I can go to any university that i like and she will pay for it. This is the biggest thing i want in my life. And Allah has given me and my mom a blessing.

I feel very grateful and lucky. This is going so fast, in a year i'll be going to college. And i haven't decide where i'll go or what i'll learn. That makes is scary altogether. I pray to God everyday, that i won't forget to give thanks to Allah and appreciate her for what she offered. 

Night, Rifa. 


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