Time was never ours..

In about an hour from now, i'm going to be seventeen. There's nothing much to say or feel. I've grown a lot but still so imperfect. I kept searching for the things i've done wrong.

In this post, i'd like to say that taking care of my mom took a lot of my time, my study time.

But then again,
                time was never ours.

SO, for future improvements, i'd like to say that time was never ours to waste. When will we start giving back rather than taking a lot from others and wasting so much time? We can start with people nearest to our hearts, like our family, cousins, or our friends and teachers.

I admire people who have given a lot of their time to help others. For example, people who went to risk their life in Gaza, Palestine in order to help our brothers and sisters there. The easiest example would be, our parents and teachers. Time was lent to us, in order for us to be able to achieve and do things for the greater good. Let's not waste our time and start giving back.



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