the key to your students

Sensitivity is something that is very precious to our generation because now, not many of us have it. Not many of us can dig very deep into a work of art, or a novel, or a poem, or a work of literature because we haven't had the necessary sensitivity to uncover the meaning in everything. Our generation is too absorbed in worldly matters and issues that we do not know or can not discover the meaning in every events that are happening in our lifes. 

Sensitivity is necessary for us to go through our issues and problems. We have to have it if we want to bring peace to ourselves. It's a must-have-skill for us to deal with ourselves and our mind. And it is a very very important skill to interact with people and world's issues. 

It's a skill that we can learn from school, if the teachers want us to. I think they haven't figured it out yet, how the problems they have with us, or the problems they thought are in us, the students, is only a lack of sensitivity. If they complain about how we can't respect them when they're talking or how we can't get our sh*ts together at school, then they have to know that the problem is the lack of sensitivity. Sensitivity, as i said, is needed for us to dig down into ourselves and solve the problems within so we can get our issues solved, whatever it is. With sensitivity, we can understand more about ourselves and others. 

Sensitivity can only be obtained, i think, through deep thoughts and understanding about everything, it could be a book, a movie, a music video, lyrics to a song, or a play (conversations). In other words, discussion. Discussion is necessary to a better understanding and a higher sensitivity. 

Please, if you're a teacher, open a forum of discussion, see how your students' mind works. Understand them so they can understand themselves. At the same time, you will help them get through their problems at school and home. The key is to give necessary skills to solve problems. Because life is full of problems.

This is a thought i had on my way home. I hope someone is reading this and making a note out of it, because i am too. I need 'sensitivity' so bad. I need a better skill of understanding my self and my surroundings. 

Night, Rifa.


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