Happy Birthday

Did I ever say that it's utterly fascinating to know our parents through others' perception? Well, it happened again for me, this time it's my mom's old neighbor. She's an old neighbor and has been around since my mom's still a little baby. She lost her husband recently because of stroke, thus our visit to her house to pay respect. It was when I decided to visit my grandfather, so my aunt brought me along. Grateful as i was, the mom she described was as alien to me as a stranger.

She said that my mom was the perfect oldest sister of nine siblings. She constantly tried to prove to her brothers and sisters that anyone can tear up any boundaries and get any education they want. She was described as hardworking and very focused to her goal. 

I do believe her, don't get me wrong. But it was a side of mom that i didn't know before and i love her still. I want to know little bits of things like this. 

It's going to be Idul Adha in a few days. Some memories keep coming back to me, like how we always pray together since Abi has to join the men side of the mosque. And I always get sleepy after praying because it's always in the morning, and she would let me sleep on her lap or just lean to her shoulder and get some sleep. And then, my mind kept coming back to how she's not going to be here again this year, and the next, and the next year after. Then, it always drifts back to Abi who had to pray alone in times like these since 2008, since father died. 

Like it or not, we're all left alone, Abi and I. Though we still have some fights, we still think the best for each other. 

October 5th went very fast, it's her birthday and it was also world's teachers day, and the birthday of TNI. I spent the day volunteering in 'Festival Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar' and worked my butt off helping students and teachers in every corner of Indonesia. What i did, i did for you, Mom, what i do, i do as i think of you and father. I hope she knows it, God please let her know it. 

Happy birthday, mom..


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