Ignorance is bliss. Not.

Between missing her and searching for something as steady as a rock to hold on to, i can't really tell the difference. It's like searching for a faith in times of need. 

Ignorance is bliss -the Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

Ignorance is never bliss for me. It's a torture, i'm not exactly someone who can turn my back on my responsibilities. My parents made sure of that, i'm glad as much as i am tired. Whenever i forgot my responsibilities, i torture myself for it. I made sure i get the punishment i deserve. I'm kind of similar in that way with the character Jace from Cassandra Clare's books. 

Never mind that. Here's the thought of the day.

I find it very hard still, to speak my mind. 

And that is the bitter apple of the day, the last juice before bed. I need to drink it and make sure i never bite the same bitter apple twice. 

Until next time, 


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