I turned eighteen without thinking of how I will act from now on, or how I will keep myself contained more. I turned eighteen without any hopes for future. Just the night before, tears came down because I wished that life would stay still for a while. Unfortunately, this merry go round will never stop for anybody.

The day after, which was the big day, started wrong. I had my TOEFL prediction test in the morning, which made me run like crazy because I was late and I left my map on the car, etc. It was already ruined from the morning. 

Of course, my friends got me a surprise which I didn't expect. We spent the whole day together, and I spent much money to buy food for them. But it made me so happy that I wished the day would never end. 

It was the day that I actually felt happy, after quite some time. Sometimes, we focus too much on what's going to happen and how to face it, that we forget to be happy, or at least try. That day was the day when I actually don't have to try. 

Living life, to actually do the things that you love, to do things you believe in, to take chances, to come back up on your feet again when everything seems lost, to say yes, to say no, to help one another, to try and learn wholeheartedly of new things, to make new friends, to fall in love, to fall out of love, to say sorry, to forgive others, to forgive yourself, to admit that you’re wrong, to welcome vulnerability, to acknowledge impermanence, to accept loss, to say yes to death.

That is bravery.
-Ben Laksana- 

There's always a day when we feel so afraid of what's going to come. A day where you just want to hide from the whole world. For some of us, there's always a little bit of that feeling everyday, every morning. Bravery is something that's going to help us, and it's not about saving a person or facing a dangerous snake, or crocodile wrestling, but it's about waking up and face the obstacles that life gave us. 

For me, days like that come very frequently. 



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