Silver Lining

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others 
-Mahatma Gandhi

Things are happening in a whirlwind of millions of motions at a time, unlike the movies where we focus on one scene after another. Just imagine every second passed, there's a million other scenes in life that are happening all around the world. Like the snap of a finger, and each millions of actions or scenes are happening and starting, or even ending all around the world. What could be happening at this second in China? or Russia? Aren't you even curious? 

That makes me think, what if the sum of misery, sad, tragic scenes are far more than the sum of happy, funny scenes if compared? That fact alone, made my heart ache as I think of other children like me without parents, or even family to help them, to give shelter to them. What if I do something for them? Would I found a silver lining of my life? Would I be able to figure what God is saying to me by taking away my parents?

Would I be able to find myself in the misery of others? We certainly are able to learn, so I want to understand them. Give them meaning and give them hope of how fate works and how should we keep our faith that God holds a hidden message for us as I learn more about my life and how should I go on living. 


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