Late night theory of the after-life

I've been thinking of reasons behind why I like to draw a little, or play guitar a little, or even sing when I have no talent whatsoever. Or why that despite all that artsy side of me, I still love science and was blessed with a little dorky side in my personality. And the fact that I sometimes feel like a hundred years old, thinking about deep stuff that no one really cares about. Then came this theory. 

Maybe in another life before this I was an artist, or maybe a musician, or probably a librarian. And maybe I've lived a hundred life before this one that have given me my (most probably not) wisdom (but experience (?)). If so, than I'm just a mere stack of layers of the 'me' before now. The value of the 'me' now remain unknown, not better just because I'm a thicker layers of the 'me' before. Will I make a better change in this life than the 'me' before? Is this the last chance that I will get to do something? Or will I get another chance after this life? I just don't want to live in vain. 


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