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Today in our technical english lecture, we were asked to share something in class, in front of everyone. We spent about an hour discussing something that is generally sensitive to everyone. Religion. 

A classmate of mine, a Christian that she is, she shared something about yesterday's religion class. She said she was given a free bible by the lecturer, moreover she was asked to give it to someone who she thought might need it. She explained sloppily about what she thought about it and what she thought it means. 

I think, her point was that she was blessed to bless. By that, I think she meant that a blessing is not only ours to take, but also to share to everyone around us, despite what their religion is. 

She was asked a rather difficult question too, about why she believe in her current beliefs. She explained it really clearly, she thinks that God chose this religion for her. The fact that she was born in a Christian family itself was the proof that salvation came to each one of us in a different form, and it's not always in the form of religion. But it came anyway, to her, in the form of birth-given religion. 

Beside that particular point, what interests me was her analogy about the concept of God in our life. She asked us to imagine ourselves as a bottle and the water inside as God. If the bottle is full, there will be no way that it could be filled again. But if each day, we pour a little to another bottle, as in another person's life, then God would be able to fill our bottle again, and so it goes. That is precisely why we have to share our blessing in life. 

I remember Allah SWT all the time whenever I miss my parents. He is why I never felt alone. I am now in His care and even though I can never repay Allah SWT enough, I will now try to share my blessing everyday to the people around me.

I hope this post has given you the motivation again to remember God and His blessings. Whichever religion you chose, it doesn't matter. Everyone of us is blessed, but not many people remember to share their blessings. 


  1. beautifully shared :) reading through your post made me wished our tech english class last year could also discuss the same topic!
    I'm Kezia from biobrain '13 btw :) nice to meet you :)
    accidentally found your blog, hope you don't mind having another blog visitor :D

    first year can be rough, but we'll all get through it!
    don't forget to have fun in SU :D

    1. Of course I don't mind. Thank you for visiting, it means a lot to me Kak Kezia :)
      Looking at the support and the welcome by all the seniors, I think it will get a little less harder, so thank you for that too :)


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