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5th Music Gallery – 14 March 2015

After having had the chance to attend the 4th Music Gallery last year, I went home with a promise that we all would go again next year. We all know that Music Gallery is the 'it' concert for indie bands, attended by indie listeners out there who wear fashion couture, black boots, and dark lipsticks, but hey, I'm not stereotyping here. I'm an indie listener but I came with just t-shirt, denim outer shirt, and jeans.

When it was announced that SORE will be playing again in music gallery alongside Barasuara and The Trees and The Wild, I just had to go. Firstly, because I made a promise to myself that I would see Barasuara live and expected it to be awesome, I watched Iga Massardi rocked the hell out of his guitar last year in music gallery with Tika and The Dissidents, and I just had to watch him again. Second, I made a promise years ago that I want to watch The Trees and The Wild again, since they played in a mini concert at my high school years ago. Third, and of course I'm staying loyal to Banda Neira and Sore, for having been their fan for quite some time now. So I went up and bought the pre-sale tickets first thing after they're available, I think it was in January.

Last year, unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera and came just for the music and partially just to feel a little bit cooler. But I got latched on since then on watching indie bands play and documenting them. Each of them have their own special concepts like Pandai Besi, with their passionate and dark swooning music, and upstage costume themed gothic. Or like White Shoes and The Couples Company, with Mba Sari's style of singing whilst dancing, and their 70's costume, with ricky rocking the bass with a little dancing, or John with that hair and alex turner's kind of vibe. It's really interesting to document them and it makes me happy. I'm nowhere near a pro though, pros like Dimas Wisnuwardono, Teguh Wicaksono or instagram's davianakbar.

Anyhow, Tahiti 80, a french indie band from 1999, came and was the special guest of the night. They're kind of big and clearly has a fanbase in Indonesia, because the 5th Music Gallery turned out to be even more crowded than last year. But personally, I liked it more this year for the reason that my friends are there too. Last year, there were only four of us who are interested in this kind of music, me, Narenda, Naomi, and Maulana. But oddly, quite a few of my friends are interested to come this year.

We arrived at the venue a little late and came when Jirapah was performing. I wasn't familiar with their song but thought that they were good and underrated. I was even more excited for the next performance, which was Barasuara. They opened their set with their signature song 'Barasuara', and I was already singing along. Their performance was dynamic, whenever they would reach the end of a song, they just couldn't stay still, especially Gerald. When it came to the last three songs, Iga's hair was rockstar messy and Gerald just couldn't stop smiling and moving around. They were jumping and head banging in a completely awesome way and the timing was perfect. Like how you know that some rockers did all their head banging and jumping in a completely inappropriate time, well, Barasuara did just the opposite, and it was done naturally. Marco Steffiano, the drummer also rocked out real hard when he was standing up and taking off his shirt, apparently it was some kind of tradition for him. And then Iga just completely lashed out a girlfan kind of screaming from the audience when he jumped off the stage and climbed the fence, leading the chorus of his song with an astounding gratifying energy. That is the climax of their performance. Period. I just had to see this band rock live again sometime soon.

The profound moment where Iga climbed the fence and lead the chorus of his song.

After that Sore came and took the whole show into a love-showing, karaoke singing, and cheering festival. There's so many love from the audience when it comes to Sore. They've debuted a long time ago and have gained many loyal fans throughout the year. They even decided to do an encore at the end of their show and also they didn't get much time that they deserved. Om-om ini emang punya vibe tersendiri kalau tampil bareng. It's like they have the same frequency. It's probably because they've been friends before they were band. I have so many respect for them, and how they show their support to fellow indie musicians. And there's no denying that their music is incomparable to any musician in Indonesia. They have their own style and theme in their music that they create out of love for old musicians that they look up to since they were children. That is one of the many loveable aspects from their music.

Before we know it, it was The Trees and The Wild's turn to rock the stage. They took forever to prepare their stage, but trust me all that waiting will be paid off. First of all, I would like to say that they have changed a LOT from the last time I saw them, which was in high school. They were more like experimental folk acoustic at that time, and Remedy was even more charming now than then. They started off abstract, and you could hear this beautiful tune right between the lines of the sounds from other instruments. It was captivating without them having to engage with the audience. They talk very little, I must say. Nggak ada basa-basi, tapi mereka tetep bikin performance mereka signifikan. It's like, they were loud without having to say anything. And that is one of the good but underrated aspect of music. In a world where words are thrown around many times without using the depth they could have, ttaw is actually saying a lot by saying very little. They also didn't lack the spirit, passion, and soul that Barasuara also has, they just interpret it in a different way. I can sense the maturity their music represent that weren't there years ago. They've come along way and they were experimenting more with their sound, and it made their performance truly heart-wrenching (but in a good way), soul-captivating, and show-stopping performance. It was the climax of the entire show, for me. Maybe because I didn't see Tahiti 80 right after, and just went off to see Banda Neira at the second stage. But I don't care, I achieved my goal, and ran off to be a loyal fan for Rara and Nanda.

Banda Neira and Payung Teduh was the perfect way to end the night. Mendayu-dayu, bersenandung, dan bernyanyi bersama lagu-lagu mereka yang dekat dengan hati semua penggemarnya menciptakan suasana yang nyaris spiritual. It was a romantic evening with them, and it was perfect for me. I loved every second of it. Their singing and talking was all very meaningful and unshallow, or should I just say deep. I thank them forever for their music and serenity that they provide for their fans. Thank you for creating beautiful lyrics with melodies that can swoon the crowd. Everything was perfect, and with that I made another promise to myself to come again next year, to support any indie musicians that will be on that stage.

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Link for video performances:
Both by Herin Damara


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