The necessity of being alone

It's astounding how much of our happiness rely heavily on other people. A huge part of this phenomenal natural encounter is caused by the ability the social media have given us, to connect with other people even if we're alone. Don't get me wrong, social media brings a whole lot to the table, it's the reason you're here right now reading my poor excuse for a time spending. If at all, gratefulness is what I feel for the creators of any social medias out there. But that's not what we're talking about here. 

Personally, I'm feeling a bit tired of humanity. Always seeking the affirmative acceptance of others never ourselves, this particular act of humanity is something that's eating me up. I'm saying this for myself, mind you. 

For some reason, being alone is scary for most people. The company of our own mind seem to scare us more than it probably should. If you put some logic into it, yourself is supposed to be your best companion, isn't it? I mean, you never know, someone that you've known for years might not stand with you when you believe in something they didn't. When you fight for something you believe in, the one who will absolutely stand with you on your grounds would be your own company. This is probably the much reason why people hardly speak up first about something they'd fight for, fearing to lose the company of other people. 

This is why being alone with your thoughts is necessary. When you rely on other people's company too much, you'll lose faith in yourself, your own thoughts, leading to obtuse knowledge of ourselves. When this happens, you're left with total renunciation of your own limit. You feel like you could've done more, that you have more in you that you could ever imagine, that might be true, but left unexplored if you never spend time with your own thoughts. 

I'm telling you now that solitude is essential. Not the kind of solitude where you sit in a cafe and write or read something by yourself, no. But the kind where you sit in front of a view, a landscape, somewhere quiet, to ponder about what you've done, what you're doing, and what the future holds. That is why I desperately need an escape from the city, but hey, that's just me. 

I want to be someone who plunges myself into relations with other people because I want to, not because of need nor greed. I need to learn to live with myself and hold myself together whenever something bad happens. That is probably the best escape route anyone could ever offer. It's sad how many people buy books about how to handle break ups when they could've just learned to make you save yourself. 

See for yourself the facts, concrete evidence and elaboration about solitude here:

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