Unexpected dream

Last night, after so many years, I finally had a dream about my old D-A-D. If you remember in the 2nd Deathly Hallows movie, the scene where Harry meets Dumbledore at the train station after being killed by Lord Voldemort, the dream I had had something that feels similar to that scene. The place seemed like a blur, but not really a blur. A gigantic circular victorian room with high pillars and marble floor, which oddly we called home. My little cousin was there and I had no idea why. It was cold but it feels calming. 

It seemed like a story. I was home after an academy school which provides me a trip to London by choice, if you are willing to pay a great deal. I wanted it so bad and came home to find my dad. Even though we're in a really luxurious room, he said that he couldn't afford that trip for me after I had asked him about it. I was really upset and he came to hug me, comfort me, and calmed me down with so much caresses, I almost felt bad for asking. He said 'sorry' multiple times and I was silent. That's it, the dream. 

It was short but sweet. And somehow I think I needed that, at least unconsciously. He was my first loss and heart break. In this dream, I saw his face clearly and that's what I missed the most. If you ask me now to describe his face, I wouldn't be able to do it perfectly. After so many years, memories just seem like a blur. But after this refreshing dream, I feel renewed but also sad. His hug was really tight, it almost seemed that he and I have parted for so long (which we have). Whatever it is, I'm glad I had it. Love you still, Dad. 


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