2010. What a great year, and sad year also.. hmm.. Let's see, i began, for the first time in my life watching soccer, and surprisingly i loved it, the thrill is a wake up call. I lost a figure that i really looked up too, and that is my grandpa. Indonesia lost in AFF Suzuki Cup, what a heart breaker. The beginning of 9th grade. I turned 15 which is really personally important to me. Hmm, what else? Oh yeah, i started liking korean entertainment, kpop (i like it, a bit, just not love it, that's all) but you know what i .. ehem who i really love from this industry, and the person is *drum rolls* KIM HYUN JOONG, he's an angel i'm telling you, well not exactly.. how should i put it? i LOVE him, truly. But there are times that he's really quirky, and i still love him, but.... well you can't simply understand. 

It all began this holiday. Me and my besties went on a trip to "DUFAN" yeaaay, it was soooo much fuun. We went there by bus (a really important experience to me, because Farah actually fainted while on bus because it's so crowded, it's thrilling and we panicked more because we were separated), we played till night (until we literally can't walk anymore), and then we took a stroll at the bay and the beach at night (it was beautiful and i'm grateful to have experienced it with my besties, i love you guys). We went back to our friend, Gita's house to sleepover because it was already so late. Well, Gita is a huge fan of Kpop, DBSK, Shinee, 2NE1, and all that, so in the end..before we get to sleep (well .... me) we went through some kpop magazines, and i came upon such angelic face, clear and shiny with beautiful tanned bod beneath some stylish clothes. That time, i was already pretty familiar with him because he played in a drama called BBF that i often watch for fun, i liked him, but not really a fanatic fan. I praised him here and there, and then Gita had a (forever life changing) idea to lend me another drama that he played in too, it's called Playful Kiss. So i watched it through the holiday, and i FELL DEEPLY IN LOVE with KIM HYUN JOONG. Since that day, i'm obsessed with KIM HYUN JOONG. I learned more about his personality through videos and picture, and commercials he did, and i'm never letting go of this feeling.

I've regretted some things (many things) in life, and i'm only 15.. scary, right? But you know, if i'm rich right now, i know some things that i would definitely do. First, i'd trade anything for a piano lessons. I had piano lessons long ago, from when i was 2nd grade, i think. I was a kid and i didn't take it seriously, i let my parents down by not practicing and taking the skill i might have for granted. So, my mom and dad decided to give up and let me quit the lessons. But now that things changed, you know...my dad died and i had nothing left that i can be proud of, i wanted to take those piano lessons again. I have many friends, rich and nice..but i feel  they're taking some of the things they have in life for granted. They have things that i can only dream to have *tears*, like a father, extra lessons, private tutor, piano lessons, blackberry, iMac, their own car, their own driver, a big brother, a dog, a beautiful room, a big house, a big swimming pool and things like that..sweet mother of God!! Don't you guys even know the value of what you have in reach right now? If i were you guys, i would seriously use the opportunity to live better, and to make the best out of me. I know in my heart i can do more than what i'm capable to do right now, i know i have a lot of potential, but i just don't have the money to push them to the limit! Please...everyone who's reading this, hold on to what you have and don't take anything and most importantly anyone for granted. You guys don't know what i feel.


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