Does anyone watch America's Next Top Model cycle 14? Well, there's a model, her name's Raina, too bad that she didn't win but she's the runner up. She's as pretty as a doll, believe me. And she says this particular word, OHMYLANTA! You probably know it as OHMYGOD. What's the point? I'll tell you what the point is, the point is it's so gonna be in my personal dictionary.

You know what this is??? MY TOTALLY AWESOME BIRTHDAY GIFT!

The most important thing i want to write is about my BIRTHDAY! W00t! It was last tuesday, the 30th of November, it's my day! I'm 15 now! Can you believe it?? I feel so old, i'm the oldest of my best friends, behh! Anyway, in the morning my mom and brother didn't say a thing, so i figured they forgot, dear cheezus!! I'm gonna kill'em. Actually, the ones who made my day really happened are my best friends, fira, farah, dinda, syifa, gita, melissa, and raisa!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! They gave me a pair of shoes with their autographs on it and some of my other friends, i loved it so much i'm not gonna wear it, at first i wear it everywhere, in the house too. But then i'm afraid it will get dirty so i keep it in a shoebox. Plus, fira farah and dinda made me an extra gift, a birthday cake!!!! i loved it sooo much, thanks guys!!


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