What the hell's going on with everybody??

No doubt, no doubt at all that people change. A year or two years ago things were fun, there's few problems but i think we could handle it, as long as we still need each other. But now? If you ask me, i would say that some of us don't need the rest of us together anymore. Sheesh, i want things to be the way they used to be. Hanging out together, being stupid, and laughing about our stupidity. I know that they have their own life and maybe only my life is circling around them. You see, i have many family problems few years ago after my dad went away. They're the one who keep me smiling, and please don't hate me for wanting us together like the way we used to be. Okay, maybe you have your own best friend , but there's no excuse for treating us like that. Or maybe you treasure your other friends in your class than us, but still. I know i can't be selfish and ask for us to hang out together again and to ask four some of you to ignore your friends, but pleaseee don't make me sad like that..

Hope you guys are reading this and having a self introspection..


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