The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

So happy that i finally watched The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, all thanks to animax that aired them a couple of days ago. The movie duration is about 3 hours, amazing, huh? Well, what do i think of it? It's super epic, and really professionally done. This kind of movie is really worth earning an international award.

Haruhi and the SOS Brigade is preparing for a christmas party when in the 18th of December, Haruhi disappeared from Kyon's life. The strange thing is, that Kyon is the only one who noticed the disappearance of Haruhi. The one who is in Haruhi's table is Assakura-san who in the previous season 1 tried to kill him. He panicked but still nobody ever heard of Haruhi Suzumiya. He searched for Koizumi but strangely class 9 went missing. He met Asahina but Asahina is just another nor
mal girl and didn't recognize Kyon. In the same day he went to check the SOS Brigade class and he met Nagato but it wasn't SOS Brigade's classroom, it was just a place for the literary club. Nagato wasn't an alien like he used to know but she was just a shy girl. Days went by, and everyday his feet led him to SOS Brigade's old classroom. Nagato didn't mind because in the story, Nagato has a crush on Kyon. Strangely, he began to miss Haruhi Suzumiya and all her mischief. One day Tanaguchi mentioned that he knew a Haruhi Suzumiya, but Haruhi didn't attend North high school but she attends an expensive Academy in the east side. Kyon immediately ran for it and waited in the school gate. Finally, he saw Haruhi Suzumiya and Itsuki Koizomi walking together. Haruhi's hair is long because in season 1, Kyon commented on her hair, and the next day she cut it short but in the story she never met Kyon so she didn't cut it short. He was able to convince Haruhi to talk to him by mentioning a name, John Smith. Because three years ago, at night, Kyon disguised as John Smith and helped Haruhi to write something on her school's yard, Haruhi was still in middle school. So they talked and Haruhi believed in Kyon, so she and Koizumi agreed to help Kyon return to his world. With Haruhi's help all five of them gathered once again in the SOS Brigade's classroom. The computer suddenly went on and there were messages from Yuki Nagato in the other world. So, Kyon made a choice in returning to the old world where the annoying Haruhi is always by his side. This proves even though he whined so many times in the old world, he actually missed Haruhi when she's gone. So suddenly he was back in three years ago where the past Kyon will help Haruhi. He met once again with the grown up Asahina from the future. She was his guide. So they talked and waited for the Kyon from the past done his job. They went to Nagato's apartment for help. Kyon was told to inject some kind of needle from a gun made by Nagato to whoever changed the time and space room. Before he even knew it he was back in the 18th of December before everything changed. He was in front of Nagato's apartment still with the grown up Asahina. Then, he saw Nagato changed the time and space room. It turned out that Nagato is the culprit of he whole thing. With this, it shows that Nagato is getting tired of Haruhi, she hates being the alien, because she was who she was because of the existence of Haruhi and her godly powers. She wanted to be human and have real human feelings.Because secretly, the quiet alien Nagato started to feel something that has been bothering her, which is called feelings. Kyon understands this. In the end when he tried to shot the Nagato that has changed the world, he was stabbed by Assakura which in the story is the same being as Nagato but bad. Before he passed out he saw grown up Asahina, little Asahina, and he heard the voice of Itsuki Koizumi. He woke up three days later and he finds that everything is back to normal.


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