It's all about the eyes.

Got a good news this week. I passed the national exam! YEAAAY *throws confetti* even though the scores are not what i expected i got one perfect score in the english national test.

Anyway, let's talk about movies! I re-watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief the other day and once again captured in Alexandra Daddario's performance. Not only she's very very beautiful but she acts good. And i can't believe she's already 25, when her character, Annabeth is about what? 13, 14? She's also played the role of Kate in White Collar opposite Matt Bomer as the charming and charismatic Neil Caffrey. Look at those eyes, very gorgeous.

Another pretty girl that i want to talk about is Lily Collins. You may know her from Blind Side playing the role of Collins. But what you may not know of that she is the daughter of the famous singer Phil Collins. And you should know that all of her family is either in the movies industry or music industry. Very very famous family indeed.


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