Nana in ParaKiss

Hey guys, i have been reading a lot of fanfics these days. I've come to remember the old times when i enjoy reading Nana and Paradise Kiss because of my recent new hobby. For you who don't know what Nana and Paradise Kiss are, well, they are manga simply made by the hands of a mangaka genius Ai Yazawa. They are considered rated mature mangas, honestly, i don't like them because they are vulgar and mature but i simply like.... wait no, love Ai Yazawa's work. Besides, Ai Yazawa makes the best stories, they are unique, heart-breaking, full of scandals, filled with drama, romance, and unforgettable friendships. So despite all the vulgar words and mature stuff, she deserves a credit for her modern dark stories and fabulous drawings.

Paradise Kiss was made into an anime. For what i heard, they will make the live action, or already made the live action, i don't know. I've watched the anime and read the manga, and i love them. Anyway, if you watch the anime i'm sure you won't regret it. It has fabulous soundtracks, which are "Do You Want To" by Franz Ferdinand and "Lonely in Gorgeous" by Tommy February6. What i really really love from Paradise Kiss is the fashion. It's a fashion anime, and you all know what we feel about fashion anime, either it's disastrous or it's absolutely fabulous, right? Well, you don't have to worry about any fashion disaster in this anime because it's absolutely astonishing. It has these edges, eccentricity that you will love no matter what.

Nana is about the life of two girls who share the same name and how fate collides them both in friendship, love, and heartbreak with the people in their lives. it's truly a beautiful story if you ask me. Nana isn't about fashion but it's about how you express the way you feel in music. Its modern and vulgar words will take you into another world of how complicated it is in the music business if you put all your heart into it. They made the anime and the live-action series but i haven't watched both of them, i've only read the manga. Anyhow, you will enjoy reading the dramatic world of Ai Yazawa, i'm sure of it.


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