Ao Haru Ride

It's a manga about friendships, childhood crush, love, betrayal, and family.

Yoshioka Futaba, an ordinary feminine girl that had a mutual crush with Tanaka-kun in junior high school. She was left heart-broken and alone when Tanaka-kun transferred and disappeared from her life. Every girl in the class hates her because she is charming and she attracted all the boys unintentionally.

In high school, she is determined to change into an unattractive girl so she can become closer with the girl. She wouldn't accept being alone anymore. Tanaka-kun came back into her life with another name, Mabuchi Kou. A lot have changed and Tanaka-kun is a stranger now that he appeared again. It wasn't until the end of first year in high school that Futaba realized that the friends she has are all fake. So in the new second year class, she made friends with girls who are like her when she was in junior high. It's not bad at all, she became closer to Kou-kun (Tanaka-kun) and she finally found her true friends. There are bumps on the roads, but because of those troubles and challenges, Kou-kun and Futaba became so much closer.

I haven't finished the manga yet but this kind of manga always gets me everytime. A story about what's going on in real life and how to deal with it alongside your true friends. It's a charming story, don't you agree? I'm REALLY looking forward to its 16th chapter that hasn't come out yet.


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