Who's up for someone's birthday!?

It's been a hard week. There are things that i desperately want to forget. Also, i just got my mid-term report card which is awful, so disappointed at myself, rlly. However, we made a song this week, fortunately. This very song is created to be played at our music test, it's still in June. Still, we need tons of practices, especially me, 'cause i'll be playing the guitar! Excited but i'm nervous also. Have never been on stage while playing the guitar, ever.

Next week, however, there's someone special to me and my friends who is going to have her 16th birthday. Yeaaay! I'm going to start preparing for something very cute to give, just 'cause she's been the very best friend i can ever have. Plus, she gave me a cute birthday gift for my last birthday.

Today, there'll be earth hour. Don't forget to participate. It's time to do something real for earth and start giving back. Obviously, we take too much things from earth.


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