"Between who you are and who you should be..."

A piece of "Dare you to move" by Switchfoot lyrics.. made me think.

What's between who you are and who you should be? A process of alteration? Or an amount of time taken to accept who we are, that is if you already found the real you. I wouldn't know, because i am not entirely sure i know who i am. Am i boring if i do what i think is right? Because they always tell me that i am obedient. Do i need to rebel to have a character? Do i have to have an opinion to have a character? to be memorable?

And what's there after the self discovery? What do we have to do to be who we should be? How do we know what we should be? I still have a long way there. If you ask me right now what do i want to be? I don't have any vision yet, although if you ask to a 10 year-old version of myself, i probably would say 'a scientist'. I still want to say 'scientist' but.. Why am i hesitating? Because it doesn't secure your (my) happiness? They say, "go for it!". But what? Are we suppose to jump from a cliff that we don't even know how deep it is? And then, in this process of thinking, my mom would say "just be a doctor". What am i suppose to do? My mother said that when i'm hesitating. I become more and more confused.

It's like, when you want to go for it with little hesitation, someone came in front of you and stop you and made you re-think everything again. It's frustrating.

Any thoughts?


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