A Post-it Conversation

In a class on a schoolday afternoon, the teacher was giving out the scores from the test. And a secret post-it conversation conducted regarding the score.

R: "Are you conducting a silent self evaluation?"

N: " idk."

R: " i am."

N: " Why? :("

R: " I feel that i can do better. And i'm wondering why some of these people can do better than me."

N: " Well it's a start. Who can do better than you? Have you thought that you outscored them in other subjects?"

R: " No, i'm a no good. :("

N: " But you got this far. you're not a 'no good' you're a 'not yet'"

This is why i need my friends, this is why i love my friend, Naomi. She always says the best things on perfect times.


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