The Secret List

Never in a million years and in my life that i regret who my father is. He's not the most handsome or the coolest guy in the world, but he's the greatest at being my dad. For these past 4 years since my father died, sometimes i have these thoughts that i might not really knew him when he was around. 

Looking at the people who came into my house, claiming that they knew my dad. I haven't the slightest hints of where or when these people knew him. I only knew him as my dad, and that's it. I only knew the side of him that he showed me. But never in my life i wonder how my father treated others or how people knew him and thought of him. I didn't care that much because somehow i'm afraid that it will ruin the way i think of him all these years, which is a perfect father for me. And i want to keep it that way. 

It's been 4 years, yet his boss and his colleagues remember him well. They always say good things about him, like how smart he was, how friendly he was, and how funny his laugh was. His friends remembered him as a dear friend whose leadership is to be learned and how he achieved amazing things. In fact, his dear friend Uncle Eric who lives abroad, still e-mail us every once in a while to check on his family, which is me, my mom , and my brother. 

So, if you ask me who are my idols. I will tell you, no matter how childish it is, that those people are my mother and father. How they did what they do best and make so many people look up to them and care about them. I don't care how cheesy it is and how it makes me sound like a 6 year old, but if you ask me things that make me so proud of having them as my parents, i will tell you about a list i secretly kept. 

Good night readers, 
Athena Syarifa (Rifa)


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