Higher and Higher

Wow, it's been a long time, I admit. A little darker change that you might notice, was necessary I thought. I want to be out of my comfort zone, it was a long time the old template has been put up, and I had enough of it. 

I have been super busy, and I even had no time to run into my blog's arms and cry and whine for all of you to see (read). 

Anyway, something's been decided. I am going to study at Surya University to deepen my understanding of what we call Biotechnology. I had to have a leap of faith in making this decision, because it is a new university. But I know what I want to study specifically, and with Biotechnology in mind, I picked the way that has been given to me. I have this scholarship (thank you God) and I am saved from all the ruckus and hard work that will come in searching for the right universities, like what my friends have to do right after the 16th of April. 

What I thought (in making this decision) was that, I already knew what I want to do, and God has kindly given me the clear way ahead. It is exactly what I have been praying for these past few years. The steps ahead are clear enough for me, and now I just have to stop being so lazy. Having been accepted already doesn't mean that the hard work stops here. 

I am scared, that's one thing for sure. Somehow, someday, I will look back and spend some time, just a few seconds to praise myself for what I had to go through. But I am sure that the world after high school will be a million times more challenging, given what I have in mind as a goal for my career in the future. 

Wish me luck, somebody, anybody out there.. Please universe, carry my fragile dreams and hopes steadily higher and higher. Good night, universe.



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