Bright Star

This is a rare movie review, because i haven't even finished watching it. I'm halfway there, however. This movie is so charming that i had to post about it even if i'm not finished watching it yet. That's how much i like this one. 

Here goes,

Bright Star

The scene was set in 1818 among the city of London. Young Fanny Brawne was introduced to poet John Keats by the Dilkes family. She flirts and jokes and John as a man was attracted to her eventually. She is a rather fashionable young lady. They fell in love. The movie shows that John was under a time where he had no incoming and so as much as he wanted to marry Fanny, he knew he cannot. When he moved for the summer, Fanny was heartbroken and all she had for comfort was the letters he sent for her. When John and his friend came back, Fanny and John fell again and secretly engaged with each other. In the winter, however, John fell ill until spring where he will moved to Italy where the weather is warmer. Fortunately, his book gained success, finally. And Fanny's mother gave her blessing for them to marry when he returns from Italy. The story, doesn't end well, unfortunately John died of TBC when he's in Italy. 

The film didn't gain that much popularity, i think. But it was a good romance story translated into something much more beautiful with its charming, brilliant and amazing cinematography. The main attraction however in the movie was Fanny's fashion. Her gorgeous wardrobe really pictures her talent in sewing, because it was mentioned in the movie that all her clothes were made by herself. Good acting made it all seem complete. The setting too were heart-warming. This is why i love period dramas, gentle colored clothing, beautiful language and words that are used, and those walks in the woods with the flowers and grass fields, etc. It's worth a watch, you won't regret it.


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