I'd like to have a good life when i'm an adult, like every single person on this planet. However, you can't just have it. Everybody knows that you have to earn it. But what about people or teens unlike me who already have it all? It's probably why they're so spoiled, because they already have it they have no goals and they never will have to work hard for something. 

As much as i want to ask "What will happen after i have it all?", i really am not there yet. I don't yet deserve to ask that kind of question. I haven't made all that necessary hard work, sacrifices, etc. It's not my time yet. Right now it's probably someone else's time to be given what they want because of their hard work. My cousin, for example. She was rejected multiple times and failed multiple times to enter medical school, but now she got in and she's going to be a doctor. I don't know how she did it, but i do know that she deserves it. 

That's what i want to do. So, i am praying to have the courage and the strength to work hard now. So that later, i can look back and ask "How did i ever got here?" and i wish someone close to me will say that i truly deserve it. And probably after that, it's that someone special's time to get what she wants and deserves.


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