A quick update of my life. I'm afraid i can only tell you a bad news. 

Thursday, July 12. 
My mom was supposed to be in a seminar in the city. She got very ill, in the seminar, that she had to go to the nearest hospital. She claimed to have a serious stomach pain. The doctor in that hospital told her she had to have a CT-scan. The problem was that she had fluid in her lungs and abdomen. It explained about her breathlessness these past few days. So she went home early from the seminar with my uncle. 

Friday, July 13. 
Me, my mom, and my uncle went to a hospital near my house to have a CT-scan. Apparently, CT-scan costs a lot of money and we hope to have it with insurance. But we have to go to a public hospital in Fatmawati area so that we can have a CT-scan that the insurance will pay. It's a long drive but we finally was able to meet a doctor again. No doctor can say what it is, and that we have to have a CT-scan. That day, the doctor said that my mom had to be hospitalized as soon as possible. Unfortunately in that hospital, the rooms were all full. 

For a long time me and my mom didn't know what to do. We tried calling other hospitals in the Cinere area, and they were full too. So we called my uncle who's a doctor himself. He suggested that we have to prioritized hospitalizing my mom. So we went back to the first hospital near my house. They have plenty of vacant rooms so we checked in immediately. My mom had another rontgen and get settled right away. It's already night now, and i was going to be the one spending the night there with her. It got scary. About 21.00 my mom suddenly panicked about not being able to breath. I called the nurse and they did well everything they could do and she finally puked. After that, she relaxed again. 

I was really worried at that point. I was alone without any other adult. Unfortunately, it happened again at about 23.30. At that point, the doctor said that my mom should go into a separate room with a monitor, basically she was about to be moved to IMC. We were talking about more money to spend. 

The nurse gave me sheets to sign, and it's about her moving to IMC and a confirmation sheet about another medicines she had to take. The cashier summed it all up to more or less RP 9.000.000,- and it's a lot of money. I didn't know what to do. I called my uncle who's a doctor that said that i should just sign the sheets and not worry about the money. And then i did..

Saturday, July 14. 
At about 12.00 she was finally moved, and my other two uncles came to the hospital to keep me company. After that she went into an isolation. We had to wait in a separate room. I was tired sleepy and troubled. In the morning the news has spread. Some came to the hospital, some said their prayers over a blackberry message. I appreciate their prayers. And now, my brother was moved to my grandfather's house and i had to stay in my uncle's house. If only my dad was here.. T_T

And now the fluid has been sucked out of her a lot. She was able to breathe a little better. But she's still really week. I just can't wait for the doctor's diagnose. The fluid is going to be tested, after that we will now what caused that fluid in her lungs and abdomen. 

I did some research. It surprised me. She was showing symptoms of cancer. At this point i'm really worried. I'm grateful for all the support, i have many uncles and aunts that are willing to help, but still feel like i'm alone. 

It says, the fluid in her lungs and abdomen must be caused by cancer cells. She could have a liver cancer or an ovarium cancer. I just hope and pray that she doesn't have either of them. 

Please, God, i know i'm not the best muslim ever. But i pray that my mom can be better and that she doesn't have anything that serious. Amin.


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