It's been a long time since i wrote my last manga reviews, or movie reviews, or any reviews at all. This time i got a couple of great manga for you. 

Well, you know that i'm not into supernatural, mystery manga it's a different thing if it's a novel but no, it's a manga, and i have to say that it's a good one. If you're into school life and shoujo manga like me, you should just give this one a shot, you might like it.

It's called, Iris Zero.

It's about a world where every kids and teens have this special powers in their eyes called irises. Each one is unique, it allows you to "see who's qualified", "see or sense danger", etc. There are, however, kids that don't have these powers and they're called iris zeros, they're excluded and often bullied for their inability to 'see'. In this school, an iris zero boy, Toru, has well-adapted since he was bullied when he was little. His motto is low exposure. Because he's an iris zero, he's actually much more capable to see clearly. He can see the world as it is, unlike kids who have irises. Because of this, he has this special talent in solving mysteries in their school, because he can put himself in other people's perspectives. Along the way, he made friends who accepted him even though he's an iris zero. 

It's a great manga if you like stories about friendship, love, and mysteries. The drawings are great, makes it enjoyable for you to read it. The author is Hotaru Takana. The manga is not completed yet, if you like, you can wait for it to be completed because it really pains me to anxiously wait on what happens next. 

Another manga about friendship and love, it's called, 'Nineteen, Twenty-one' . I recommend it for anyone who loves to read a friendly manga with deeply told story. It's for everyone who likes to read slice of life, shoujo, and romance. I don't recommend it for anyone who gets easily bored with a story without any challenges. It's really a gentle manga. 

It's a story about a 19 year-old girl who got into an accident and lost two years of her life. After that, in her 21st year, she was forced to take prep school and catch up with girls her age to college. Along these busy routines, she took comfort from taking care of stray cats in her neighborhood. Then, she accidentally met a 19 year-old boy who declared that he wants to enjoy being a child until he became an adult in 21. They both take care of these cats since they met and became closer. Feelings grew and they found that they learn new things with each other and gain some precious memories. When she came along, he found the desire to become an adult. And when he came along, she found what she's been missing in her 19 and 20 year-old period of her life.

It's completed, by the way, and i dare say that the ending is very satisfying. The author is John, and the drawings by Jenna. It's a webtoon with deeply told story and exceptional and artistic drawings. It's a great work from both of them. 10/10 rating from me, you wouldn't regret reading this. Also, this is the first time i read a webtoon, and i became very much interested with webtoons. Note to self: find more webtoons to read!


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