Griefs and Eternal Friends

The thing about losing both your parents is that the loneliness kicks in day by day . There's always someone you can call uncle, aunt, cousin, etc but there's no one that you can call mom or dad anymore. I feel like i'm alone in this sometimes. My brother isn't the type that you can count on for adult stuffs just yet. They ask me where we'd want to live with, not my brother. They ask me to make a bank account, they ask me to get a driver license, and i have to do it all alone. So i'm saying i wouldn't count on us to take care of each other. I think for the time being, i'm the one who's going to take care of him. 

I cried a few times during my mother's funeral yesterday. But i was truly very grateful and happy that my best friends, all of them, minus one or two people, came to my house to be with me through it all. Even the friends that i'm not that close to, came and show their support. So at the end of the day, i was laughing because of my friends. They were here until the late afternoon and truly made sure that i was cheered up until they left. 

"All of life is an act of letting go but what hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye." -Life of Pi

Took the quote from  my friend's tweet -  @miaelmyra


  1. Everyone says that being lost someone that we love so much is very hurts, that's true. But life must be go on, love is not the only thing in this world that covers up all the pain and makes you feel wonderful again... there's so many things outside waiting for you with joy & happines...

    Just be a my "strong" niece okay? :)
    You can always count on us, and we all proud of you both! (your uncle)


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