I have to get this out at some point. I had a mental breakdown just a little while ago.

You see, today, it's naomi's birthday. She's my best friend, and we all planned a little get together. I was supposed to leave at 3. But my mom wouldn't let me. 

She asked me to choose to go to naomi's birthday party and to take care of her. And it's just so SAD. Because i wanted to get out of the house. 

It's never fair. 

I get invited to go watch a movie, to go on a trip to the amusement park, to hang out with my friends, all that. I couldn't get myself to ask my mother if i could go. Why? Because i wanted to be there for her. 

But when i ask one night, just one night to celebrate my best friend's birthday. She just couldn't let me out of the house. 

What's killing me is that, that decision making me hate her. And i can't hate her, she's my mom. 

So i cried and unable to stop. 


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