The Night of a Million Lights

Happy new year everybody! It's 2013! 

I'm spending my new year in Bandung.. away from my grief. Spent most of my time gaming.. i know how it sounds but it takes my mind off things.  Anyway, we're eating and celebrating. Watching the sky turned wild because of the fireworks. It's like a war is happening, the sound of fireworks filled my ears. And the sky was cloudy but still so magnificent because of the lights from distant fireworks that filled it. Its the night of a million lights. 

With this i'm hoping and praying that 2013 will be a great year.. better than 2012.. not just for me but for everyone.. 

We already passed the so called 'the doomsday" says the mayan calender.. My mom passed away.. So with everything that happened, i hope we can open a new book to fill with new memories. I'm hoping most of it will be happy memories for all of you and me..



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