Hey people! Just got back from Science Camp 2012. Fortunately, i got home safe and unharmed. The experiences have been amazing and i'm so lucky to have come and see things that you don't get to see everyday. I went to Bodogol, it's a conservation forest in Sukabumi. It's a beautiful place where they keep track of many varieties of endangered animals. We went birdwatching and caught so many insects to observe. The place is beautiful, i'll post some pictures later, but these things can't be enjoyed by just looking at photos of it. You can't really feel the air, the breeze, the moist, the mood, and the feelings of looking at a rain forest from a high place by just looking at the pictures. When you see pictures of forest, you can't possibly know that it's not only a forest but it's a habitat of all incredibly amazing living creatures. When you see the pictures, you only see, oh you know, it's a forest, it's all green, no big deal. Well, it's a big deal for all the animals in it. And if the forests are gone, who knows what will happen to our ecosystem. 

Anyway, i've been dying to get an SLR camera. I want to be creative once in a while, apart of writing stories and doodling, i mean. I can just play around with my camera when i have it, and i can post it here. My blog's lacking beautiful pictures. And it kills me when i go out and experience my adventure but then i can't share my own beautiful photographs of it to share with you. I've been thinking to use my birthday bonus to get one, my uncle's already made a deal with me that he will add some if the money i have doesn't cut to buy an SLR camera. If you have any suggestions, feel free to tell me. 



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