I'm very sorry for this long post. It's just that i've been practicing a lot with my Canon. 

It was such a beautiful morning, so i decided to take out my Canon and experiment. The warm sunshine coming through the windows looked so beautiful on the couch. 

With everything that i've been through, i am grateful that my friends are still here with me. They make me happy with everything that they do. These are a few of things that my friends gave me. 

This one is a souvenir from one of my friends, Syifa, that went to Bali. I wish i can go there one day. Thanks for the dream catcher.

This grow kit is a present from Nadira, who thought that i can learn a few things about growing a little garden to start working on my project for school, Mini Gardens. 

This one is special. It's a scrapbook made by my friends for my seventeenth birthday. I LOVE IT! I love them and this scrapbook brought back good memories. 

Thanks everyone for the wonderful wishes!!

This is a special part for me. I love you, mom. 

This is her last thing she wrote to me. I will make you proud mom, i promise. 

Thanks a lot Fira! You're my best friend for about 8 years, and you will always be. I don't know what i'll do without you around, i'd probably be depressed. You make me laugh :D You all do. 

Thank you, Dinda! I know shit happens in life, but we have to stick together, okay?

I love you Farah!! I don't care how far you are and how long it's been since i last saw you , but i still remember the times you make me laugh with your silliness. 

Thanks Syifa! You're the best at being a best friend, you are. 

There're a lot of things you've done for me, Melissa. I am grateful for that, for your friendship. 

I have a lot of mistakes to you, Raisa, when i was so immature. Thanks for your friendship and your forgiveness.

Naomi! Besides your own problems, you still have time to cheer me up when i'm down, thanks for being my best friend!

Thanks a lot for everything Gita! You're just perfect at being my friend, always so cheerful, and it cheers me up to see that. 

Thanks for everything, Mia. If i'm horrible to you at some point, i can't ever forget the things you've done for me as a friend. We love you and you know it. 

Thanks for being there for me, Dath. Thanks you for your silliness that cheers me up overtime.  

Thank you Alya, Aila, Ayu, and Trika. You guys cheer me up a lot and i'm grateful for that. There's something that feels wrong without you guys. 

Thank you Nadira, Divia, Zarra, and Melissa. It's been so long with Divia and Zarra, i hope you guys still remember me. Thanks Nadira for being a great friend for me, sorry if i ever did something wrong to you. 

Thanks Buti, Nada, and Nabila. It's been so long, i've missed you guys a lot. Please remember me! Love you!

No, guys, it's me who should be thanking each and everyone of you. Hugs and kisses from me!


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