There he is again just innocently laughing while i’m having the worst day of my life. He’s waiting for me by my locker just like every day for the past 6 months. I guess Brody just released and announced his new 2013 joke to Colton for the 100th time. His messy dirty blonde hair kept getting in the way of his face. I kind of hate it sometimes, it hides his beautiful clear blue eyes. He has this double chin and strong jaws but his body seems to be too thin for his head. His nose is perfectly carved and placed on his face, the perfect size for his mouth. His lips look like they just want to be kissed every time he smiles. He’s not the most popular guy at school because he is the kind of guy that prefers spending Halloween night watching Rocky Horror instead of partying. Don’t get me wrong, he gets invited to parties all the time, he just doesn’t like the crowd. He only comes when his band will be performing in it. He’s the bass player, which i love. He’s the strangest but at the same time the coolest boy i know. Like today, he picked the worst t-shirt that he has to school, it says ‘Save the Martian!’.
            If you don’t understand any of that, then just believe me when i say that he’s the kind of guy that listens to indie bands, watches the stars on any special moments, saves the environment, reads Tolstoy for an idea of fun, and writes poetry in his spare time. He’s the coolest guy that i’ve ever met because he treats women very gentleman-like. Probably because he has 3 younger sisters at home. If he seems perfect all of sudden, you have to know that he was flawed.
            He lost a brother three years ago when he was 14. His brother was 19 and perfect. He brought pride to the family. He was the best graduate of his year, got accepted in Harvard Business School, a quarterback, and he sang very well. Neil was talented, handsome, beautiful, healthy and smart. He was the golden son of the family. Until he met a girl at a high school party and got laid. He didn’t even want to go but he went to anyway to pick up Colton which was back then, popular, buzzed, and drunk. After that fateful night, Neil was diagnosed with AIDS that he got from that girl. His whole future was ruined and he was at the point where he wanted to kill himself, which he did. Colton felt awfully guilty for his brother death. He was depressed as if he just killed a man. Weeks later Colton renewed himself and went to school as someone new. He pushed himself away from the bad crowd and started hanging out with the smart ones. He wasn’t one of those popular kids again and he was glad for it. But he was trying to be someone else, he was trying to be Neil.
            So now you all know that he used to be popular, one of those party hard kids. And that he lost his dear brother and he thought that it was all his fault, and that he altered himself to be like his brother. Do you want to know how he changed into a stargazing activist slash bookworm? He met me.
            I know there’s a lot to sink in but believe me the story’s just begun. 

to be continued..


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