The question asked by most people to me by now is "What's going to happen next?", "Where are you going to live?", and "What about your future?". 

Well, now i'm living with my uncle from my father's side. As much as i want to stay home and live at our house, i can't. With my uncle, i can go to school easily with my little cousin Umar, Abi, and a driver. Another thing about school is that i was told that i don't have to worry about school fees because everything will be taken care of by our school. I'm very grateful about that because now at least i know that the rest of mother's savings and money from people who came to the funeral will be saved for mine and Abi's college savings. 

And by the time being, at least until i'm finished with high school, our house will be taken care of by my neighbor who's obviously paid for to do it. So when i go to college i'll be able to move back in. Never in my life i will ever let my house go. 

So what i have to do now is basically study hard and just decide where i want to go after high school. Those are the next big decision i have to make. 

Anyway, i bought a camera, finally. It's CANON 600D 18-135 mm kit, and it's fantastic so far. Can't wait to use it on any upcoming events. 

I feel kind of bad for taking Nisa's room, but i just love how she decorates it. The photo's not very good, i'm still new at this, sorry.

Beyond excited to use my new camera!

Finding it hard to use my free time to continue reading The Casual Vacancy. It's mostly because of the newly installed Harvest Moon on my PSP. I know it's an old game but it never gets old for me. 

Shot this one on our way home from Focus Nusantara. It's the place where we bought my CANON.

See you next time, 


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